Original Credits

Artist: The Yellow Diary
Album: Izafa (2018)
Label: Sony Music India

It was 2018, when I first heard The Yellow Diary. Their single, Marz played a couple times through the Discover playlist on my Spotify. Few years pass by, COVID hits. In 2020 I rediscovered their music.

Buniyaad, another great track. This one hit me when I was listening to it while taking a shower 😄.

Dheere Se was a very different track, one that I did not expect from TYD. It would have been that song which a producer would have removed from the album, just like Tum Ho Toh was in the movie Rock On!. Touched my heart instantly.

I recorded this when the pandemic was at it’s peak. I shared this on Instagram and TYD shared it on their story. My day was made 😄.